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Dawn of Titans Army Camp

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In Dawn of Titans the Army Camp is where your troops are held. Upgrading this building allows you to hold more combat ready troops and take more troops into battle.

Once you enter your Army Camp you will see a list of your titans with the available troops assigned to them. These are the troops that your titan will take into battle.

As well as housing more troops, upgrading your army camp increases the number of troops our Titans can take into battle.

Troop capacity is very important in Dawn of Titan’s, because it allows you to have a large reserve of combat ready troops. This in turn lets you to progress through campaigns, without having to stop to train replacements as they are killed.

Your Army Camp soon becomes very expensive to upgrade, with a large amount of gold required for each upgrade level. Each level also requires your Castle to be upgraded first.

The table below has the build cost for each upgrade level,  the build time, buildings required, the battle slots and the number of troop spaces unlocked.

Army Camp Building Requirements

Level Gold Time Requirements Troops Housed Battle Slots
1 6 2
2 2,500 4m 30s Castle 2, Portal 3 12 3
3 4,500 11m 0s Castle 3 24 4
4 33,000 1h 45m Castle 5 50 5
5 139,000 6h 30m Castle 8 70 6
6 270,000 14h 0m Castle 9 100 7
7 585,000 1d 15h Castle 11 130 8
8 1,100,000 3d 2h Castle 13 170 9
9 1,900,000 5d 4h Castle 15 220 10
10 2,920,000 8d 3h Castle 17 280 11
11 4,150,000 8d 3h Castle 19 350 12
12 5,570,000 52d 4h Castle 23 430 13
13 7,000,000 52d 4h Castle 25 520 14

We will update with accurate figures as we can verify them. Please feel free to leave any details you have from Dawn of Titans by commenting below and we will update the data accordingly.

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