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Dawn of Titans Castle

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In Dawn of Titans the Castle is the main stronghold of your kingdom and unlocks various new buildings at each upgrade level.

As well as unlocking buildings the Castle also unlocks new game features. At level’s 5, 7, 9 and 11 you unlock faction campaigns, allowing you to unlock new unit types: Unak, Elithen, Ragnar and Mossmane.

All of your buildings are limited to the level of your Castle and it is one of the most expensive and buildings to upgrade.

When you enter your Castle you are presented with an overview of your whole kingdoms economy, showing food and gold production and storage. You can also see the number of troop you currently have

Your Castle also shows you your portal stone storage, the number of builders you have access to, you titan capacity, max unit level, number of relics you hold.

The table below has the build cost for each upgrade level,  the build time, buildings required and the new buildings unlocked.

Castle Building Requirements

Level Gold Time Requirements Rewards
2 3,000 2m Portal 2 Gold Vault
3 5,500 9m Gold Vault 1, Barracks 2 Gold Mine, Food Reserve, Gold Reserve, Granary
4 9,000 1h 30m Gold Vault 2, Barracks 3 Gold Mine, Armory, Medical School, Farm
5 12,000 2h 0m Armory 1, Garrison 2 Farm, Granary, Gold Mine, Gold Vault,
Unak Citadel, Elithen Palace, Mossmane Cairn,
Ragnar Keep, Food Reserve, Gold Reserve
6 42,000 3h 0m Granary 3, Gold Mine 3 Barracks, Farm, Gold Mine
7 74,000 4h 30m Armory 2, City Expansion 2 Farm, Gold Mine
8 115,000 7h 30m Portal 4, Garrison 3 Spell Forge
9 177,000 10h 30m Hall of Titans 2, Armory 5 Arcane Tower
10 262,000 15h 0m Medical School 2, Garrison 5 Farm, Granary, Gold Mine, Gold Vault,
Food Reserve, Gold Reserve
11 389,000 22h 0m Medical School 3, Garrison 6 Barracks, Spell Forge
12 562,000 1d 10h Arcane Tower 2, Hall of Titans 3 None
13 786,000 1d 21h City Expansion 3, Garrison 8 Farm, Gold Mine
14 1,067,000 2d 12h Armory 8, Spell Forge 3 None
15 1,409,000 3d 9h
16  1,812,000 4d 4h
17 2,276,000 4d 21h
18 2,798,000 5d 21h
19 3,370,000 7d 0h
20 3,986,000 8d 6h
21 4,637,000 9d 16h
22 5,313,000 11d 4h
23 6,005,000 12d 20h
24 6,704,000 14d 16h
25 7,401,000 46d 0h

We will update with accurate figures as we can verify them. Please feel free to leave any details you have from Dawn of Titans by commenting below and we will update the data accordingly.

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