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Dawn of Titans Gold Mine

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In Dawn of Titans your gold mine generates gold for your kingdom which is needed to upgrade pretty much every building in the game.

The gold mine is one of a few buildings which you can build more than one of. You unlock additional gold mines as you upgrade your Castle.

Upgrading your gold mine increases the amount of gold generated per hour and the amount of gold it can store before your need to collect. You collect gold by tapping on your gold mines. You can also increase your gold production rate by using relics.

Gold is probably the most important resource in the Dawn of Titans, and your gold mines should therefore be one of the first buildings you upgrade. If you keep all your gold mines fully upgraded for your level you will progress much faster through the game.

Each level of your gold mine requires your Castle to be upgraded to a certain level first.

The table below has the build cost for each upgrade level,  the build time, buildings required and the farm production and capacity.

Gold Mine Building Requirements

Level Gold Time Requirements Production Capacity
1 1,800 1m Castle 1
2 2,100 3m Castle 2
3 3,600 5m Castle 3
4 5,100 25m Castle 4
5 22,000 1h 30m Castle 5 350
6 39,000 2h 15m Castle 6 405 9,720
7 93,000 6h 0m Castle 7 510
8 138,000 8h 30m Castle 8 625 15,000
9 296,000 19h 0m Castle 11 760 18,240
10 414,000 1d 2h Castle 12 895
11 741,000 2d 0h Castle 13
12 954,000 2d 11h Castle 14
13 1,472,000 3d 10h Castle 15
14 1,774,000 4d 0h Castle 16
15 2,440,000 5d 16h Castle 17
16 2,796,000 6d 14h Castle 19
17 3,529,000 8d 18h Castle 21
18 3,895,000 10d 4h Castle 23
19 4,257,000 48d 0h Castle 25

We will update with accurate figures as we can verify them. Please feel free to leave any details you have from Dawn of Titans by commenting below and we will update the data accordingly.

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