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Dawn of Titans Hall of Titans

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In Dawn of Titans the Hall of Titans is where your Titans are housed. Upgrading your Hall of Titans allows you to increase the maximum number of Titans you can own and use.

Titans are used in battles against other players and in single player campaigns. They are significantly stronger than regular troops and gain experience from combat.

Once you have a full xp bar you can upgrade your titans level, by entering your Hall of Titans. Upgrading a Titan costs food, which increases significantly with each level.

Increasing a Titan’s level will increase their strength and also allow you to take more troops into battle. You can find out more about individual titans, on our titans home page here.

Your Castle level will limit the level to which you can upgrade your Hall of Titans.

The table below has the build cost for each upgrade level, the build time, buildings required and the number of titans unlocked.

Hall of Titans Building Requirements

Level Gold Time Requirements Rewards
1 17 Titans
2 70,000 3h 45m Castle 6 19 Titans
3 169,000 10h 0m Castle 8 21 Titans
4 373,000 20h 0m Castle 10 23 Titans
5 753,000 1d 17h Castle 14 25 Titans
6 1,349,000 3d 4h Castle 18 27 Titans
7 2,181,000 4d 13h Castle 22 29 Titans
8 3,370,000 5d 21h Castle 25 31 Titans

We will update with accurate figures as we can verify them. Please feel free to leave any details you have from Dawn of Titans by commenting below and we will update the data accordingly.

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