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Dawn of Titans Medical School

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In Dawn of Titans the Medical School allows you to heal troops after battle and reduces the units health needed to survive.

Upgrading your medical school does two things: Firstly it reduces the gem cost to heal your troops that have been killed. Secondly it reduces the amount of health a unit needs to survive.

After a battle you will be provided with a report which shows how much damage each unit in your army has taken. Provided their health is above the survival rate determined by your Medical School the whole unit will survive. This starts at 85% and reduces by 1% for each level you upgrade your Medical School.

Any units that drop below the survival percentage rate can be healed at a cost of gems. Each upgrade level reduces the gem cost to heal your units by a fixed amount. If you decide not to heal your troops then the unit will be killed.

It’s generally not worth healing troops with gems, because it’s much easier to just train them again from scratch. The real benefit of your Medical School is reducing the threshold at which troops survive without having to heal them.

The table below has the build cost for each upgrade level, the build time and buildings required. It also shows the survival health percentage and the gem cost reduction for each level.

Medical School Building Requirements

Level Gold Time Requirements Survival Health Gem Cost Reduction
1 14,000 1h 30m 85% 5
2 70,000 3h 45m Castle 6 84% 6
3 169,000 10h 0m Castle 8 83% 7
4 373,000 20h 0m Castle 10 82% 8

We will update with accurate figures as we can verify them. Please feel free to leave any details you have from Dawn of Titans by commenting below and we will update the data accordingly.

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