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Dawn of Titans Spell Forge

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In Dawn of Titans the Spell Forge allows you create and store spells to use in battle.

Upgrading your Spell Forge allows you to unlock new spells and increases the total number of spells you can store. Increasing the building levels also allows you to add more spells to the building queue.

You can first build the spell forge at Castle level 8, but to start with you can only build two spells: Fireball and Shield. You can upgrade the level of you spells in the Arcane Tower.

Spells can make the difference between winning or losing a battle and should not be overlooked. Fireball and Poison Cloud are particularly effective at taking out whole enemy units.

You can add relics to you Spell Forge to reduce their gold cost and build time.

The table below has the build cost for each upgrade level, build time and buildings required. The table also shows the spell queue, inventory and spells unlocked for each level.

Spell Forge Building Requirements

Level Gold Time Requirements Spell Queue Spell Inventory Spells Unlocked
1 90,000 6h 30m Castle 8 2 10 Fireball,
2 328,000 14h 0m Castle 10 3 15 Freeze
3 662,000 1d 5h Castle 12 4 20 Terror
4 Lightning
5 Rage
6 Poison Cloud
7 Raise Dead

We will update with accurate figures as we can verify them. Please feel free to leave any details you have from Dawn of Titans by commenting below.

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