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Dawn of Titans Alliance League

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This guide explains how alliances work in Dawn of Titans and how you can can contribute to make a strong and powerful team to win in game events.

An alliance is effectively a large group of players that have joined forces to complete shared goals and assist each other. More than this, it allows you to interact with other players, seek out help from more experienced players and form some great friendships.

How to Join

One of the first things you should do after starting out in Dawn of Titans is to join an alliance. You can do this by tapping the sword and shield icon in the top left of the screen shown below and then select “join”.

Dawn of Titans Join Alliance

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This will take you to a screen allowing you to either join, or create an alliance. If you are new player and do not know anyone else in game, it is probably better to join an existing one, rather than create your own.

If you tap “join” you will be provided with long list of active alliances and their current league and member details. It’s probably a good idea to select one with a large number of players.

If you have friend in another Dawn of Titans alliance you can also use the search bar here to find them. If they are in a closed alliance you can then apply to join and wait to be accepted by a leader

You can leave an alliance at any time. To do this you simply tap the icon again and select the “leave” button. You are then free to join another, or start your own.

Benefits of an Alliance


The main benefit of joining an alliance in Dawn of Titans is having the ability to build and use an Alliance Camp for reinforcements. Requesting reinforcements allows you to hold additional troops donated to you by members of your alliance. To request reinforcements just tap the “Request” button in your alliance camp.

This will send a message in your alliance chat allowing others to donate troops to your army. You should also return the favour by donating to other members requests when you see them.

The number of troops you can receive and the number of reinforcement battle slots increases as you upgrade your Alliance Camp. Battle slots allow your Titan to take additional reinforced troops into battles.

Leagues and Leader Boards

Another benefit is the ability to take part in league events. Leagues are split into different categories as follows:-

  • Proving Ground
  • Bronze league
  • Silver League
  • Gold League
  • Platinum League
  • Elite League
  • Champion League
  • Master League
  • Legend League

Each league has various seasons which usually last about a week. During a season your Victory Points (VP) from attacking other players are combined with the rest of your alliance and goes towards a league leader board position. The alliances at the top of the leader board at the end of each season are promoted to the next league. At the bottom of the leader board you risk being demoted to the league below.

Winning seasons rewards you with gems and other items. The higher the league you are in and the further up the leader board you end up, the better the rewards you receive.

If you have any other questions please let us know in the comments section and we will try to answer them where we can.


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