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Dawn of Titans Beginners Guide

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Beginners Guide to Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans can seem a little daunting when you first start out. At first glance it may seem like just another town builder/MMO strategy game like Mobile Strike or Vikings War of Clans, but actually the game does have some very unique features to set it apart from the rest.

To help out new players who are trying to get to grips with the game, we have put together this beginner’s guide to get you started.

Gold Income Matters

Gold is the main currency in Dawn of Titans and you need it to build and upgrade pretty much all of your buildings. It will almost certainly be the first resource your run out of as a new player, so with this in mind you want to maximize your gold income.

The first buildings you should build and upgrade as far as possible are your gold mines. Each time you increase your Castle level new gold mines should be built first and fully upgraded. This will provide you with a steady supply of gold, allowing you to upgrade the rest of your buildings.

Save Your Gems

All freemium games today have some form of currency you can purchase with real money. Usually  allowing you to buy resources, skip timers and dramatically increase your progress in the game. In Dawn of Titans this currency is Gems.

Right from the start you should save up all your gems for later use i.e. doesn’t spend them on speed ups, resources, reviving troops, or resurrections in battle.

My recommendation is to save your gems for the following:-

  • Purchasing a second Builder’s Yard for 1,500 gems, as you can’t purchase this building with gold and it allows you to build/upgrade two buildings at the same time.
  • Purchasing a guaranteed titan card in your Relic Temple for 4,000 gems. This offers you the chance to get a rare, or super rare Titan.

Join an Alliance

You should join an alliance as soon as possible; any alliance will do as you can always move later. As well as being able to chat to other players to gain advice and tips, you can also request reinforcement troops to help defend your kingdom from attacks and to use in your own battles.

You request reinforcements by selecting your Alliance Camp and clicking “request”. Remember to return the favour and send your allies reinforcements too!

Choose Your Race Carefully

At Castle level 7 you unlock four single player campaigns, allowing you to choose your race out of either: Unak, Elithen, Ragnar or Mossmaine. Just by starting one of the four campaigns you will be locked out of the other three races until later in the game, when the campaigns are a lot harder to compete.

Therefore choose which one you want to join carefully. Once you complete the campaign you will be able to build a race specific Palace – allowing you to train race specific troops in your Barracks.

The troops you can train are:-

  • Unak – Grenadiers
  • Elithen – Pikemen
  • Ragnar – Goliaths
  • Mossmaine – Panthers

You can check out the troops stats, strengths and weaknesses in your barracks before you make your decision!

Rare and Super Rare Titans

If you’re saving your gems, or spending some money on the game try to get a rare or super rare titan as soon as possible.

Titans all have their rarity numbered on their profile picture from 1 to 4 (1 being common and 4 being super rare).

This will make a huge difference to your army’s attack strength and will allow you to win much harder campaigns and beat higher level players early on. If you get a super rare titan it’s not uncommon to be able to solo all of the early campaigns even if all your troops die!

Capture and Upgrade Resource Islands

You should capture and continue to upgrade as many resource islands as you can hold for your Castle level.  At the start of the game gold islands are the best, as gold is hard to come by until your gold mines are established.

As you progress through the game you may switch to VIP and other islands in order to help your alliance rankings.

Plan Your Kingdom Layout

In Dawn of Titans your land space matters! If you just dump your buildings all over the place you will end up with a very poor use of space and will soon run out of room to place new buildings.

Try to line up your buildings from the edge of the map and leave as little space as possible between them to maximise the use of your land.

It’s also a good idea to put all the resource generating buildings together,  to make it easier to collect your gold and food quickly.

Upgrade your Troops and Titan

You can upgrade your troops in your Armory and Titan in your Hall of Titans. This makes them significantly stronger. Upgrading your troops is dependent on the level of your Armory – try to keep it upgraded as high as possible.

You can upgrade your titan in your Hall of Titans after they receive a full experience bar. You earn xp in combat.

Troop and Titan upgrades cost food which is generated by your farms.

Think before Retaliating

If you login and see you have been attacked, then you will get the option to immediately retaliate and attack the player’s base. Before you do this remember that being attacked grants you a temporary shield stopping others from attacking you.

Attacking another player removes your shield, allowing other players to attack you again and steal your resources.

It might be worth waiting until you are stronger and taking advantage of the protective shield.

Remember Troop Strengths and Weaknesses

In battles remember that all troops have their own individual strengths and weaknesses. You should plan your attacks so that your units attack the troops they are strong against and keep clear of the troops they are weak against.

To recap:-

  • Spearmen are strong vs Militia and weak vs Archers
  • Archers are strong vs Spearmen and weak vs Militia
  • Militia are strong vs Archers and weak vs Spearmen


Hopefully the above tips will set you on the right path as you start out in Dawn of Titans. Stay posted for some more in depth guides and walk-throughs to follow soon!


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  1. Is there a way to see who attacked me and when I do see that I’ve been attacked there’s no option to attack back so where do I go to retaliate?

  2. Is There a way to reset and start over?

  3. My troops say I’m full to capacity for my rank, but when I try to go to battle it says I have no troops and it wants me to buy some with gems why? How do I fix this?!!

    • You are probably at full capacity with one type of troop, which means when you try to add others it’s asking you to buy them with gems.

      Does every single troop icon ask for em purchase?

  4. How do I dismiss titans

  5. I started out going into battle with 17,000 to 19000 health now all of a sudden i cant go in with more then 6,000 why did this happen my titan is max level but beginning health again

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