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Dawn of Titans | Guides | Combat – The Basics

Dawn of Titans Combat Tips

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Combat in Dawn of Titans can be a little confusing when you are first starting out. This short guide runs through the basic combat mechanics.

Portal Stones

Whether you are raiding another player, attacking a resource island or battling in a single player campaign, you need portal stones in order to attack.

You earn portal stones passively over time, but you can also buy them in the store and earn them as rewards for quests.  You can see how many portal stones you need for an attack just before you hit the raid button.

Planning your Attack

Before you hit raid you will be able to see a summary of the enemies units and titan. This is useful when planning which units to send in your attack as you can select troops that are strong against specific troop types.

Dawn of Titans Combat Enemy Analysis

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Select your Titan for Combat

Once you hit raid, your current Titan will appear on screen. You can switch titans by selecting the “change titan” button in the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Dawn of Titans Combat Titan Stats

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Your titan determines the number of troop deployments you can take into battle. Your titan also has his own defense and attack stats.

Select Your Troops

Once you have chosen your Titan, you can then select the units you want to deploy. If any of the troops have a gem sign next to them it means you don’t currently have any in your army camp.

You should go back to your barracks and train the troops you need, rather than purchasing them with gems here.

Whilst you are starting out for most attacks you want to select a balance of Militia, Spearmen and Archers. This will give you a well rounded army with strengths against all unit types.

The top bar shows you your overall army strength against the enemy. Ideally you want your army’s strength (left hand side in blue) to be higher than the opponent’s (right hand bar in red).

You can also add reinforcement troops which have been donated by your alliance and spells.

Note: That it is still possible to win if your strength is lower than your opponents – it just means the battle will be harder!

Positioning your Troops and Titan

After you click “Battle” you will be taken into a top down 3D view of the battle map. The timer in the top right of the screen starts immediately – you must win before the timer reaches zero.

You can position your troops anywhere in the rectangle before starting your battle. It’s a good idea to place your archers at the back of your troops to protect them.

Dawn of Titans in Game Combat Screenshot

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Once you are happy with the positions you can tap a unit and drag your finger across the screen to an enemy unit.  The path you make on the screen is the track that your troops will follow.

Remember if possible to set troops against the units they are strong against. To recap:

  • Spearmen are strong vs Militia and weak vs Archers
  • Archers are strong vs Spearmen and weak vs Militia
  • Militia are strong vs Archers and weak vs Spearmen

If you set your archers on a target they will walk just in range before they open fire. Archers are very weak at close combat and will be destroyed quickly.

The Fight

Once you are set hit the “Fight” button and combat will then play out in real time. You can move your troops by clicking and dragging to where you want them to go at any time.

If your troops come within close proximity of an enemy they will automatically attack them.

You can see each unit’s health floating above the troop.  Your troops have a blue health bar and the enemy troops have a red bar. Once this health bar runs down to zero the whole unit has been destroyed.

The winner is the side that kills all the opponent’s troops first.  Note that the opposing side (even if it’s another player) is always controlled by the game.

Battle Tips

Below is a list of Dawn of Titans combat tips for new players:

  • Keep your archers behind your main troops at all times, as they will be destroyed quickly in close combat.
  • Resurrecting troops has a very high gem cost. In most circumstances you are better off restarting the fight.
  • Where possible remember to set units on the enemy’s troops that have a weakness to that troop type.
  • If you are struggling to complete a campaign then leveling up your troops in your Armory will make them significantly stronger. Try returning once you have increased your troop level.
  • Remember to level up your Titan in your Hall of Titans when your experience bar is full. Leveling your Titan opens up new troop slots as well as increasing your Titan’s strength.
  • If you see a flashing icon on the ground, running over it with any troop will give you a spell to use against your enemy.

Hopefully that covers the combat basics for Dawn of Titans. We will add some more advanced combat guides soon.


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