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Dawn of Titans | Guides | How do I defend my city from attacks?

Dawn of Titans Defending Against Attacks

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After you first start out in Dawn of Titans you will find that your city gets raided by other players almost constantly. Raiding other cities is a quick and easy way to gain resources, which means you will soon find your city under attack from other players.

This guide looks at some simple procedures in order to protect yourself, that are not immediately obvious for new players.

How Defending Works

Before we look at some Dawn of Titans defense tactics, we first need to understand how our city is protected in the first place. Unfortunately you have no control over your troops and titan when defending your city, it is completely controlled by the game.

As computer controlled armies are no where near a match for any half decent player, we need to stack the odds in our favor. You can do this by providing as many troops and spells for the game to use against attackers as possible.

Garrison – First line of defense

The core army defending your city is determined by your Garrison level. Your garrison allows you to increase the number of troops and the level of troops defending you. Your Garrison troops make up the core of your defense and you don’t need to train these troops in your Barracks. They will always be present during any attack on your city.

It’s therefore important to keep your Garrison as high as possible, to keep the number and level of your defending army as strong as possible.

Set your best Titan to defend your city

You can boost your defense further by setting one of your Titans to defend against attacks. You do this by tapping your city on the world map and selecting “Add Defense Army”. You can then select a Titan to defend your city and add additional troops and spells. The number of troops you can add is dependent on your Army Camp. The number of spells is dependent on the level of your Arcane Tower.

These troops are taken from your Army Camp, meaning you do need to train them and the spells from your Spell Forge. You can recall your Titan, troops and spells at any time to use in your own raids on other players, or in single player campaigns.

When you leave Dawn of Titans for extended periods of time, it’s best to leave your strongest Titan defending your city. Make sure your titan has a full compliment of troops and spells.

Alliance Reinforcements

As well as adding your own troops for defense, you can also add alliance reinforcements.  You can request reinforcements which are donated to you from other alliance members in your Alliance Camp. You can then add these along with your titan to your city’s defense.

Upgrading your Alliance Camp increases the number of troops you can receive from your alliance. It also increases number of reinforcement troops you can set to defend with your titan.

Checking your Defense Strength

Once you have all your troops, reinforcements, spells and Titan in place, you can see how strong your defense is by tapping your city in the world map.

Below you can see my core defense strength with no additional troops was 10,471.

Dawn of Titans Defense Core

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Once I add my Titan, troops, spells and reinforcements my defense strength goes up to 26,063. This is well over double my core army strength from my Garrison alone.

Dawn of Titans Defense With Titan

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When a player attacks my city instead of facing just 8 units, they will have to beat 14. Add to this my Titan, plus spells and I’ve soon become a much harder target to beat.

Boosting your defense will also help to deter some players from attacking in the first place. The players that do will find it much harder to beat you and steal your hard earned resources!

Hopefully this simple guide should help boost your defense in Dawn of Titans.



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