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Dawn of Titans Level Up Fast

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In this Dawn of Titans guide I look at how to level up fast and efficiently without spending real money.

Like most freemium games Dawn of Titans has two main constraints preventing you from progressing quickly: Resources and Time. Pretty much every free to play game with in-app purchases have these two requirements to progress.

Clash of Clans has gold and elixir. Vikings War of Clans has wood, stone, ore and food. Mobile Strike has ore, oil, iron and food e.t.c.  All of these games also has time as the main limiting factor preventing you from progressing quickly.

Obviously you can bypass the time and resources restraints with real money. To be successful without spending money in any freemium mobile game you need to play efficiently and carefully.

Dawn of Titans Gems

Gems are the currency in Dawn of Titans you can purchase with real money. They can be used to speed up building upgrades, purchase resources, buy Titans, buy relics and pretty much instantly complete anything in game.

If you had an unlimited supply of gems you would be at max level with all the best titans in pretty much zero time. If you have very deep pockets,  then you can do this by spending a lot of money.

For the rest of us gems are the most precious resource you can find and you should therefore save all of your gems as soon as you start playing. Never spend gems on speeding up buildings, purchasing gold, reviving troops after battle, or in fact anything in the game that you can do for free just by waiting a little longer.

What should you spend Gems on?

So what should you spend gems on? Well if you remember one of the main two restraints is time. In order to level up fast we therefore need to do everything possible to reduce the amount of time needed to progress through the game.

You will notice when you start out in Dawn of Titans that you can only build a single building at a time. This is because you start the game with only one builders yard. Each builders yard provides you with an additional builder, allowing you to construct more buildings simultaneously.

Adding a second builders yard will therefore allow you to build two buildings at the same time, a third three and so on. This will save you a huge amount of time later in the game, when timers start running to several days for single upgrades.

The most important thing you can spend your gems on are builders yards. You should keep saving for builders yards until you have all five available. This is the single most important thing you can do to get a head start over other non spenders in Dawn of Titans.

Dawn of Titans Gold

Second on the level up fast list is gold. Gold is needed to upgrade buildings, which determines pretty much everything you can do in game. In the early stages of the game gold is much more important than food.

Your second priority is therefore to maximize your gold storage and production. At the start of the game this is  more critical than upgrading troops, getting new titans, fighting other players, or working your way up the alliance league tables!

Gold Mines

Gold mines generate gold for your city. They are one of the most important buildings to construct and upgrade as soon as you unlock them. The faster you produce gold, the more gold you will earn to upgrade the rest of your buildings. In the early levels you also unlock an additional gold mine for each Castle level.

Gold Vault

Equally important as your gold mine is your gold vault. Your gold vault determines your total gold capacity for your city. You need to keep increasing your gold capacity to allow you to store enough gold to upgrade your buildings. Once you reach gold capacity limit you will no longer be able to collect gold in game, which means your mines will quickly reach their capacity limit and stop producing.

Mines Islands

Mine Islands can be captured to produce gold for your city. Again early on these are far more important for progression than any of the other islands. I recommend only capturing gold islands in the early levels.

In the beginning don’t upgrade your islands. This is because as your Castle increases, higher level islands will become available to capture. You can then periodically replace your islands with higher level versions by capturing them. This stops you having to waste gold and time upgrading your islands.

How to Level Up Fast

Below I have summarized my level up fast strategy to get you through the early levels as quickly as possible.

  • As soon as you start the game capture as many mine islands as you can. As you upgrade your Castle you will be able to house more mine islands, so keep adding to them as you level up.
  • Upgrade to Castle Level 7 as soon as possible. Just build the minimum requirements to get there. This is because you receive a new gold mine every level.
  • At this point you should start replacing you mine islands for higher level islands.
  • Once at level 7 try to get all your gold mines to level 6 and your two gold vaults to level 6.
  • Next you want to head straight for Castle level 10 to unlock another gold vault and mine.
  • Once you have Castle level 10 you can build another gold mine and vault and then upgrade all your mines to level 8 and your three gold vaults to level 8.
  • At Castle level 10 you can hold 8 islands. You should be able to capture eight level 10 to 12 mines. A level 10 mine should provide over 1,500 gold per hour.

This will give you a great gold producing base to get you set for the higher levels. 12,000 gold an hour from your islands and 9,800 gold per hour from your gold mines. That’s 21,800 gold per hour, or over half a million gold a day.

Add in some 100% gold relics and you can push it to over 750,000 gold a day!


The above strategy should let you level up fast through the early levels in Dawn of Titans, without spending any of your own money. As you progress through the higher levels remember to keep upgrading your gold mines and vaults.

Update: Following the update at the end of July 2016 all gold mine and island production has been halved. The above guide still provides the best method for generating passive gold generation, but you may now find you can earn significantly more gold from attacking other players. 


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