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Dawn of Titans Spells Lightning

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The Lightning is a direct damage spell that causes area effect electric damage over a short period of time to any location you target. Lightning is good at destroying large numbers of troops in a small area.

The in game description for Lightning reads: Raise a mighty storm to strike at your foes. Lightning takes 10 minutes to build, have an instant casting time and do damage in a 5 meter radius.

You can create this spell in your Spell Forge and is unlocked at Spell Forge level 4. You can upgrade this spell in your Arcane Tower. Each level increases the damage and gold cost of the spell.

Your spells are stored in your spell forge until you decide to take it into battle with your titan. They can also be used in defense against enemy raids on your city and islands.

Below is a list of the upgrade costs for each level, the increase in damage and the build costs.

Lightning Upgrade Requirements

Level Gold Upgrade Arcane Tower Time Damage Gold Cost
8 N/A N/A
9 56,000 1 5h 30m
10 83,000 2 8h 0m
11 123,000 3

We will update the table above as we can verify the figures in game. Please feel free to leave any details you have from Dawn of Titans by commenting below and we will update the data accordingly.

Lightning Stats

The following stats apply to all levels.

Build Time Duration Radius Damage Type
10m Instant 5 Electric

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