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Dawn of Titans | Spells | Rage

Dawn of Titans Spells Rage

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Rage is a buff spell that increases the damage output of the unit or titan that you cast it on. It can significantly increase damage output for a short duration, causing your titan or troops to go into a rage attack.

The in game description reads: The mighty power of the Fire Boar is channeled into your troops. It’s a bit strange that it refers to a boar and yet the image is of a bull!

Rage is cast instantly, but can only be cast on a single unit or titan.

You need a level 5 Spell Forge before you can unlock this spell. You can upgrade this spell in your Arcane Tower. Each level increasing the duration of the spell, but also the gold cost to create them.

Rage is stored in your spell forge until you decide to take it into battle with your titan. They can also be used in defense against enemy raids on your city and islands.

Below is a list of the upgrade costs for each level, the increase in damage and the build costs. Note that when you first unlock the rage spell it starts at level 8.

Rage Upgrade Requirements

Level Gold Upgrade Arcane Tower Time Damage Gold Cost
8 N/A N/A 3,900
9 56,000 1 6,480
10 83,000 2 7,140
11 123,000 3

We will update the table above as we can verify the figures in game. Please feel free to leave any details you have from Dawn of Titans by commenting below and we will update the data accordingly.

Rage Stats

The following stats apply to all levels.

Build Time Duration Radius Damage Type
10m Instant Single Unit Fire

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