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Dawn of Titans Human Militia

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Militia are one of the three main human troop types in Dawn of Titans. They are strong against Archers, but weak against Spearmen.

Militia are the only troop which is unlocked when you start the game. They can charge at their enemy earning an attack bonus and they have a 10% bonus to armor, critical hit chance and armor piercing.

You can upgrade this troop in the Armory which will increase their health and attack stats, but also the food cost to train.

The table below has the upgrade costs for each level and the increase in stats and training cost once unlocked. The red figures are pre update 1.8 and need to be updated.

Militia Upgrade Requirements

Level Food Upgrade Armory Level Time Hit Points Damage Food Cost
1 560 140 150
2 3,100 1 0h 15m 576 106 470
3 8,900 2 1h 20m 672 118 670
4 15,000 3 2h 15m  864 147 990
5 28,000 4   972 163 1,400
6 52,000 5 980 245 2,400
7 90,000 6 1,064 266

We will update the table above as we can verify the figures in game. Please feel free to leave any details you have from Dawn of Titans by commenting below and we will update the data accordingly.

Militia Stats

The following stats apply to all levels.

Recruit Time Charge Armor Crit Chance Armor Piercing Strong Vs. Weak Vs.
1m Y 5% 10% 0% Archers Pikemen

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