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Dawn of Titans | Update 1.8 Live – Titan Fusion & Relic Repair

Dawn of Titans Update 1.8 Titan Fusing

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Dawn of Titans – Update 1.8 Released

This week Naturalmotion are rolling out one of the biggest updates to Dawn of Titans to date.  Update 1.8 includes Titan Fusion and Relic Repair and comes ahead of the anticipated worldwide release date for the game in the second half of 2016.

So many new features and balance changes have been added to the game with this update, it’s difficult to go into detail on everything that is including in update 1.8. We have however summarized the main points for you below.

Titan Fusion

For ages players have been requesting a method to make use of the duplicate titans they receive and finally the developers have now made this possible with Titan Fusion.

Titan Fusion is unlocked at Castle level 4 by completing a special quest. Once complete you can sacrifice titans in your Hall of Titans, by fusing them into other titans. You can select as many titans as you want to fuse into your main titan of choice.

Once fused XP will be transferred to your main Titan, allowing them to level up and gain stats, relic slots and skills instantly. The higher the rarity and level of the titans you use, the more xp will be sent to your main titan. Fusion also unlocks new relic and spell slots for your Titans.

No Food Cost to Level up Titans

Titans no longer need to be levelled up at the cost of food and time in your Hall of Titans. Your Titans will automatically level up as they reach the xp needed for each level. The game developers needed to add this feature to make Titan Fusion possible, where a Titan can skip several levels after fusing.

Titan Rebalancing

In order to implement titan fusion and the titan xp changes to Dawn of Titans, all existing titans needed to be rebalanced and new upgrade levels have been added. Because new levels were added your existing titans will automatically have increased in level to take account of this.

The new level caps for titans are as follows:-

  • Rarity 1 – level 20
  • Rarity 2 – level 30
  • Rarity 3 – level 40
  • Rarity 4 – level 50

Ascension now increases the level cap by a further 10 levels higher than the figures above. Ascension also requires a maxed level titan, plus the same number of shards as before. Finally ascended titans now have a new suffix to their name.

Relic Repair

You can now repair combat and economic relics, restoring their durability. This means you can make your high level relics last indefinitely! Relic repair works in a similar fashion to Titan Fusion – i.e. you sacrifice relics to repair the durability of other relics.

Other Relic Changes

 In addition to relic repair, the following relic changes have been implemented:-

  • Relic inventory capacity now starts at 200 with a maximum of 500 relics.
  • Titan XP potions have been removed.
  • Relics can have between 1 and 3 effects (before all relics only had 1 effect).
  • The relic purchase cost has been reduced to 1,000 gems from 2,000.
  • More relics drop from battles and their rarity increases for harder battles.
  • You can now swap relics that are in use i.e. you can remove a relic from a titan and use it in another titan.

Portal Stones

The cost of using portal stones in Dawn of Titans has now changed.  Players can also purchase portal stones for 25 gems each. The rate at which you generate portal stones automatically has remained the same at 1 stone every 6 minutes.

The Portal has had the number of stones you can store upgraded to the following:-

  • Level 1 – 28
  • Level 2 – 30
  • Level 3 – 32
  • Level 4 – 34
  • Level 5 – 36
  • Level 6 – 38
  • Level 7 – 40

Portal stone costs have changed to the following:-

  • Campaign Raid – 3 stones
  • Plinth Raid – 3 stones
  • Plinth Capture – 6 stones
  • Garrison Raid  – 6 stones

Spell Changes in Battle

The number of spells a titan can take into battle has changed and is now dependant on the level of your Arcane Tower, rather than the type of Titan. This was introduced to make it fairer in battles so that all Titans can potentially have the same number of spell slots.

Army Capacity in Battle

The number of troops a titan can take into battle is now controlled by the level of your Army Camp (the Army Camp still determines the maximum number of troops your city can hold). This levels the playing field to allow all titans to potentially take the same number of troops into battle.

Reinforcement Troops in Battle

Just like troops and spells, the number of reinforcement troops your titan can take into battle is now tied to your Alliance Camp level.

Titan Shard Lands and XP Arenas

Titan shard lands are now called titan monuments. Monuments give a percentage chance to drop a random shard, rather than having specific shard land dropping specific shared types.

XP arenas now only reward titan XP and do not drop relics, or other rewards. Once attacked both Monuments and XP arenas will be locked for 24 hours unless you spend gems.

Dawn of Titans Rebalancing

In addition to the above new features, the following rebalancing changes have been made:-

  • Fireball spells are significantly less powerful and have a smaller radius.
  • Lightning spells do more damage and more strikes.
  • Poison Cloud does less damage.
  • Troop stats have all been rebalanced – check in game for details.
  • Heavier troops now move slower and lighter troops move faster.
  • Training times of all troops have all been adjusted (it’s no longer 5 seconds for every troop type).
  • The number of troops has been adjusted in each unit. Milita, Archers, Spearmen and Unak all have 56 troops. Panthers and Goliaths now always have 1 unit.
  • Attacking food lands in PvP now only provides food rewards.
  • Attacking gold lands in PvP now only provides gold rewards.
  • Attacking a Garrison now rewards 5% of the players XP.
  • Garrisons have received a defense buff and can house additional units.
  • VP caps have been increased.


We are still digesting the huge changes that update 1.8 has brought to Dawn of Titans to see how it impacts game play. If you have a view or first hand experience (good or bad) of the update, we would love to hear from you in the comments section below.


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